PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF OUR ANNUAL CLOSURE BETWEEN 3 & 23 JUNE - ONLY items shopped from our READY STEADY Category will be couriered during this period. All other orders placed after 2 June will only be processed upon our return, the week of 24 June.

How it all started

Founded in 2016 with a collection of pretty things and a little girl called Tora Grace… Our Garden Route based, family-run online store started as a place where we could combine and share our love for travel, family, friendships and the pretty little keepsakes we found along the way. With a passion for inspirational quotes and jewellery, our online store and office grew and soon became a platform to create personalised keepsakes and jewellery to uplift, inspire and spread positivity. 

Attention to detail

All the treasures on our site are carefully chosen, personalised and packaged with care and love. We take pride in putting extra effort into the finer details, whether it be on the jewellery pieces themselves or creative elements on the packaging. It is this attention and love for detail which we feel captures the heart and soul of our brand.

Our mission

At Tora Grace we choose to surround ourselves with women who encourage, have higher goals, standards and purpose. We choose to encourage fem led businesses because your business and drive inspires us daily. We choose to choose community over competition. We believe that the little things that we do can make an impact, that engraving a word or quote could be that one thing that gets you through the hard or motivates you to start that new chapter. Our goal is to learn more, create more and do more and as we learn and grow as a team and brand, we aim to add some light and make a difference.