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About Us

It all started...started

with a collection of pretty things and a little girl called Tora Graceā€¦
With a love for collecting pretty and unique jewellery and accessories we needed a place to share them. Our online store and journal is a place where we can combine and share our love for travel, family, friendships and the pretty little keepsakes we find along the way.

Attention to detail...detail

All the treasures on our site are carefully chosen, personalised and packaged with care and love. We put extra effort into the finer details, whether it be on the jewellery pieces themselves or creative elements on the packaging.

Share your treasures with us treasures

It is our mission to share all the prettiness on our journey but would love to hear from you too. If you have pretty creations which you would like to stock on our page, contact us at info@toragrace.co.za