PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF OUR ANNUAL CLOSURE BETWEEN 3 & 23 JUNE - ONLY items shopped from our READY STEADY Category will be couriered during this period. All other orders placed after 2 June will only be processed upon our return, the week of 24 June.

What is your jewellery made from?
Our jewellery is made from high grade stainless steel, our rose and yellow gold are 18K gold plated.

Why Stainless Steel?
Stainless steel requires little or no maintenance to keep it looking new; you can occasionally wipe it with a soft cloth to retain its luster. Stainless steel does not tarnish or rust. It is very durable and more scratch resistant than metals such as silver.
Stainless steel is hypoallergenic therefore making it the perfect choice for those with metal allergies and sensitivities.

How do I care for my jewellery?
Caring for your jewellery should be as important as your skin care routine. We store our jewellery in trinket bowls, ring holders and hang necklaces up to avoid tangles. We also sell nifty and pretty travel purses for safe and functional storage while on holiday.

Can I swim with my Tora Grace?
In all honestly we do HOWEVER as with all jewellery, out of love and respect we do avoid exposing our jewellery to chlorine, harsh chemicals and sanitiser.

How many characters can be engraved?
Characters differ depending on the jewellery chosen to engrave. The website will not allow you to type in more characters than what we can fit onto the jewellery piece.

How the engraving works
Each order is designed and laser engraved upon request. We do try and get each piece as perfect and pretty as possible but alignment is never 100% perfect, this is what makes each order unique and special.

What if I don''t want anything engraved
Please leave engraving blank when selecting your item on the online store. Any text entered will be engraved.

Something on the website is confusing me
You can still process your order by selecting the required item, however you are most welcome to leave the engraving blank and add a note in under “Special notes” at the checkout and request us to contact you via email to confirm engraving.

Can you send me a proof of my design before engraving
No we do not send proofs. The design is done on the actual engraver and by sending a proof and waiting for a reply or changes holds up all the other orders and delays productivity. Designs are done with love and heart and to match the aesthetic of our brand. Your are most welcome to request font and icon sheets or send through designs via email which we can use as a reference but will however not be a direct copy. An additional design fee of R100 on specialised icons and complicated custom designs, this may also add to your delivery time

How long before I receive my order?
Jewellery is engraved individually upon order. Please note that no preference can be given to orders and they are processed in the order in which they come in. We do try and get orders out as soon as possible and have a 2-5 working day off peak dispatch policy. Thereafter depending on your area a 2-4 day delivery period should be taken into account for Aramex delivery. Please keep in mind that once your order leaves our office, we cannot be held accountable for delays in delivery due to the courier party used. IMPORTANT: Although we do work extra hard and put in additional hours, a 7 working day dispatch policy applies on Black Friday orders, and orders placed within 10 days after Black Friday promotions end.

I slipped up and have a last minute urgent gift order
Please email us at and we can try to squeeze you in and accommodate your order urgently. However once again once your order leaves our office we are dependant on your courier party and can’t be held liable for delivery delays.

How are orders sent out
All orders are currently sent out using Courier Guy and are marked for economy delivery. An additional courier charge can be arranged via email for express delivery, our dispatch policy (Question 12) does however still apply. As we are located in George, Cape Town and Western Cape areas are usually delivered overnight once dispatched. Other main lying areas 2-3 working days and outlying areas 2-5 working days once dispatched. You will receive a tracking number the day after your order has been dispatched, during busier periods if we have slipped up doing this, you are most welcome to request it by emailing us at IMPORTANT: Courier Guy will not deliver in certain areas without contacting you via telephone first. Please ensure that the number which you use on your order is working and that you answer their calls to arrange delivery.

I do not want to order online and prefer doing an eft?
You are always welcome to contact us at and we can send you an invoice via email. Please note that we do not accept orders placed on Instagram and Facebook

What to do when I choose to pay via eft
Please email through a proof of payment to so that we can print and add your order to the engraving queue. Should we not receive a proof of payment, your order will only be processed once the transaction appears on our bank statement"